Publisher – Copyright Fees

The Author produces the work and may be Retailer and Publisher. The Work itself may be in multiple Publications and sold by multiple Affiliate Retailers. Your Content will be acknowledged and reviewed for Publication purposes within ReproAcademy in accordance with the General Agreement.

Integrated Publisher Unit Database

Copyright Fee Implementation

In order to guarantee fulfillment and transparency throughout, we integrate the Retailer and Author entities within the `Integrated Publisher Unit´. This can be observed from the Integrated Publisher Unit Database (Publisher, Author and Retailer entities) and Publisher Workflow illustrations.

In practice this means that the Retailer entity registers itself and logs on to the Publisher, after which it can acquire Affiliate Retailer Sales Links from the Publisher site to display anywhere on the Internet (single item sales link or shopping cart solution).

The Affiliate Retailer Sales Link contains the software necessary to fulfil the Purchase Transaction, pay Distribution Fee, VAT, Retailer, Publisher and Author Remuneration. This can be seen in the Publisher Workflow illustration.

Interestingly, should a Retailer, Publisher or Author / Producer purchase any of its own goods, this would automatically trigger a refund.

System Potential

From an Individual Realization and Income Perspective, the knowledge of a Copyright and License Fee Framework advocates, enables and will enforce a more appropriate Wealth Distribution, focusing on Intellectual Property Remuneration and state of the art Governance Fulfillment and Transparency (Technocratic Administrative Democracy in practice – by the People and for the People).

Author: Andrew Cywan

IT Architect

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