License Agency – License Fees

Making payments to the License Agency does the Licensee based in the same country. The Academic Attendee (Academic Sector – JACS) contributes through Student Grant deduction whilst the Public and Private Sector Business Employee (Trade Sector – ISIC) contribute through Salary deduction. Any other Content is obtained from the Library or purchased Retail.



License Fee Implementation

The IP_Sector consists of the list of Content_ID within the IP_Sector_ID super-class. For every IP_Content (Content_Index, IP_Sector_ID) the IP_Sector_License_Total is fractioned into a specific Fee and Grant Remuneration Index. See IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Fee_Index (%) and IP_Sector_Grant_Index (%)) in the License Agency Database.

IP_Sector_Fee_Index + IP_Sector_Grant_Index == 1.00;

The value of each IP_Content is determined by the number of Points it is attributed by the License Agency and can vary on a 100 decimal point System from 0.0 to 10.0 points (single decimal). At the end of the Copyright duration, the IP_Content (Points) will be set permanently to 0.0, as will the Junction-Table Content_Recipients (Fee Index %) after which the IP_Content (Public_Domain) element will be set to `1´.

Remuneration per Invoice

Licensee Registration: Licensee (Licensee_Index, IPV6, Licensee_Desc, Country, Email, IP_Stats_Url, Licensee_Login, Licensee_Password);

Invoice insertion: Invoice (Invoice_Index, Licensee_ID, Date, IP_Sector_ID, IP_Sector_Class_ID, License = 0, VAT, Paid = 0);

Invoice_Content [Invoice_ID, Content_ID, Expedited; …];

If Invoice (Invoice_Index, Paid == 1) =>

License_Agency (XXX_XX, IBAN) =+ Invoice (Invoice_Index, License) * (1 + License_Agency (XXX_XX, VAT%));

License_Agency (XXX_XX, VAT_to_Date) =+ Invoice (Invoice_Index, License) * (1 + License_Agency (XXX_XX, VAT%)) - Invoice (Invoice_Index, License);

License_Agency (XXX_XX, Tax_to_Date) =+ Invoice (Invoice_Index, License) * License_Agency (XXX_XX, Tax = 0.10);

Remuneration per IP Sector

After the Invoice (Invoice_Index, Paid ==1) and the completion of the License_Agency transactions (IBAN,  Vat_to_Date  and Tax_to_Date), the remaining Fee is assigned to the IP_Sector (IP_Sector_License) element...


IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_License) =+ Invoice (Invoice_Index, License * 0.90)

Next, the IP_Sector_License is passed on to the IP_Sector elements (IP_Sector_Fee_to_Date and IP_Sector_Grant_to_Date)…


IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_Fee_to_Date) =+ IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_License * IP_Sector_Fee_Index)


IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_Grant_to_Date) =+ IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_License * IP_Sector_Grant_Index)

Remuneration per IP Content

...And then on to the IP_Content elements (Fee_to_Date and Grant_to_Date), but first we need to establish the IP_Sector_Expedited, the IP_Sector_Points and finally the IP_Sector_Units...


IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_Expedited) =+ IP_Content (Content_ID, IP_Sector_ID, Expedited)


IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_Points) =+ IP_Content (Content_ID, IP_Sector_ID, Points)


IP_Sector (IP_Sector_Index, IP_Sector_Units++) =+ IP_Content (Content_ID, IP_Sector_ID)

Fee Remuneration per IP Content

IP_Content (Content_Index, lP_Sector_ID, Fee_to_Date) =+

IP_Sector_Fee_to_Date /
(IP_Sector_Expedited / IP_Sector_Points)
* (IP_Content (Expedited) * IP_Content (Points));

Grant Remuneration per IP Content

IP_Content (Content_Index, lP_Sector_ID, Grant_to_Date) =+
IP_Sector_Grant_to_Date / IP_Sector_Units;

Remuneration per Recipient via IP Settlement

Lastly, the Fees are assigned to the Recipient (Fee_to_Date and Grant_to_Date) elements via the IP_Settlement record...

IP Settlement insertion: IP_Settlement (Settlement_Index, Date, Content_ID, Expedited = 0, Fee_to_Date = 0, Grant_to_Date = 0, Completed = 0) =+

IP_Content (Content_Index, Expedited, Fee_to_Date, Grant_to_Date);

Fee Remuneration per Recipient

Recipient (Recipient_Index, Fee_to_Date) =+

Content_Recipient (Content_ID, Recipient_ID, Fee_Index %) * IP_Settlement (Settlement_Index, Date, Content_ID, Fee_to_Date);

Grant Remuneration per Recipient

Recipient (Recipient_Index, Grant_to_Date) =+

Content_Recipient (Content_ID, Recipient_ID, Fee_Index %) * IP_Settlement (Settlement_Index, Date, Content_ID, Grant_to_Date);

Recipient Settlement & Reset

Recipient (Index, IBAN) =+ Recipient (Recipient_Index, Fee_to_Date, Grant_to_Date); 

If IP_Settlement (Settlement_Index, Date, Content_ID, Completed == 1) =>

IP_Content (Content_Index, Expedited, Fee_to_Date, Grant_to_Date) =-

IP_Settlement (Settlement_Index, Date, Content_ID, Expedited, Fee_to_Date, Grant_to_Date);

Recipient (Recipient_Index, Fee_to_Date, Grant_to_Date) =-
Recipient (Recipient_Index, Fee_to_Date, Grant_to_Date);

System Potential

From an Individual Realization and Income perspective, the knowledge of a Copyright and License Fee Framework advocates, enables and may enforce a more appropriate Wealth Distribution, focusing on Intellectual Property Remuneration and state of the art Governance Fulfillment and Transparency (Technocratic Administrative Democracy in practice – by the People and for the People).

Author: Andrew Cywan

IT Architect

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  1. Making payments to the License Agency does the Licensee (Academia, Public Sector Businesses, Private Sector Businesses which are based in the same country as the License_Agency).

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